Christophe Rault 2008-08-18T21:29:58Z Vukovar 9 août 2008 2008-08-18T21:29:58Z 2008-08-18T21:29:58Z I did my performance. I'm quite happy of it. I've used lots and lots of very short sounds all recorded on the boat, and played inside the Marteleur. I've used the time my best in the drone/soundfield parts. I think It works. By the time I writing (I actually have to fill my blog after the journey, as we couldn't go on internet by that time), I've just played the same set for myself at home. Same sound setting but I think it is a lot better now specially in the term of strenght. I'll give that (...) Christophe Rault aka Tanakan Vukovar 7 août 2008 2008-08-18T13:52:20Z 2008-08-18T13:52:20Z I'd like to record sounds in this city. but there is a strange feeling here. War has been over for only 10 years ans we can see may many buildings/ruins everywhere. The city was bombed for three months non stop. I played to everyone what I'm editing at the moment. I feel they were not really pleased. I'm learning lots of thing anyway. I know that I have to work on the drones. Most of my sounds are long, moving, bass full drône. mostly because of the boat motor. 040 : Birds around a big (...) Christophe Rault aka Tanakan Vukovar 6 Août 2008 2008-08-17T14:02:53Z 2008-08-17T14:02:53Z Things to do : listen to Xavier's interview setup my DAW in my room, better for work. ESD Blog record sounds me walking in the boat in silence. record some sounds from the DVD xavier gave to me (l'Homme du Picardie) here are the sounds of today. 001 : Yugo talking to the custom policemen. 002 : does it work ? 003 : Nothing 004 : We are on the boat going to Vukovar. A dog is barking far away. We can hear it for a long time as we are passing on the Danube. It's (...) Christophe Rault aka Tanakan 05-08-2008 : arriving in Novi Sad 2008-08-17T13:57:04Z 2008-08-17T13:57:04Z A serbian man died on the boat before my arrival. He was drunk and try to jump into the danube passing over the boat. He smashed his head on the metalic border. There is a mark now, the metal fence is torn. Strange thing to know that. 033 - 042 : soundscapes not really interesting on the boat going to Novi Sad. I did a attempt to record the sound of the boat passing under a bridge. It doesn't really work. 043-048 : boat docking in Novi Sad. Quite nice moment. nice smooth sounds going (...) Christophe Rault aka Tanakan 4 Août 2008 : Budapest -> Novi Sad 2008-08-17T13:33:55Z 2008-08-17T13:33:55Z Here are the stuff I'm wrinting in my notepad during the trip. I write down the sounds i've recorded, my thoughts, ideas not to be forgotten.... I write in french in this book, I'll put in english here, most of the time. 001 : Soundscape du 1er soir à Belgrade. Musique boum boum de l'autre côté du Danube. 002 : Son du bateau en marche. bof 003 : Ecoulement d'eau sur le côté de la péniche. ne garder que la voie gauche. 004 : Ecoulement en mono. OK 005 : Jeu gauche droite avec le micro. (...) Christophe Rault aka Tanakan