I did my performance. I’m quite happy of it. I’ve used lots and lots of very short sounds all recorded on the boat, and played inside the Marteleur. I’ve used the time my best in the drone/soundfield parts. I think It works.

By the time I writing (I actually have to fill my blog after the journey, as we couldn’t go on internet by that time), I’ve just played the same set for myself at home. Same sound setting but I think it is a lot better now specially in the term of strenght. I’ll give that one somewhere later

I’ll try to put online this set performed on the 8th of august, full of mistakes but live in the boat docked in Bukovar ! ;-)

Here is a picture with Tô, on the left, Gael (back), Ludger (white shirt)& Silvere and Igor (right) installation dans la péniche pour la soirée avec Rotterdam et l'autre péniche