I’d like to record sounds in this city. but there is a strange feeling here. War has been over for only 10 years ans we can see may many buildings/ruins everywhere. The city was bombed for three months non stop. I played to everyone what I’m editing at the moment. I feel they were not really pleased. I’m learning lots of thing anyway. I know that I have to work on the drones. Most of my sounds are long, moving, bass full drône. mostly because of the boat motor.

- 040 : Birds around a big building
- 041 : walking inside a ruins. strange. war scars.

Le son des ruines / ruins sounds

- 042 : rien
- 043-44 : walking in the streets.
- 045 : a truck. nice gling gling.
- 046 : nothing n°2
- 047 : nothing n°3
- 048 : sound scape inside a very small street.
- 049 : very nice drop.
- 050 : 11h bells ringing. St Phillip church.
- 051 : 12h bells ringing. OK OK

What can I really record here ? If I go out and record the sound of the city, it sounds like every city. How can I translate the visual impact of this city I had with sounds ? ? I don’t know right now. Maybe I should ask Igor to read and translate all the words written on walls. I saw one in English : "I am an idiot waiting for death". Took a picture of it.

Tomorrow I’ll have to play a performance on the boat. I need to find something to do. I thing I’ll record lots of very short sound bits (only from the boat) in order to put them in the Marteleur ( instrument made by servovalve). It will be perfect to play that with the drones I have.