Things to do :
- listen to Xavier’s interview
- setup my DAW in my room, better for work.
- ESD Blog
- record sounds me walking in the boat in silence.
- record some sounds from the DVD xavier gave to me (l’Homme du Picardie)

here are the sounds of today.
- 001 : Yugo talking to the custom policemen.
- 002 : does it work ?
- 003 : Nothing
- 004 : We are on the boat going to Vukovar. A dog is barking far away. We can hear it for a long time as we are passing on the Danube. It’s nice.
- 006-009 : creaking in the front of the boat. cooool
- 010 : Walking in the boat. t the end I have a very nice bass drone.
- 011-13 . testing the MD21 microphone.
- 014 to 019 : talking with Xavier
- 020-021 : Close miking with MD21 on boat’s motor inside the machine room.
- 022 : inside the driving room. Radio is working. they are tolking with other boat on the danube.
- 023 : boat’s horn. yeaah

corne de brume.

- 024-25 : almost nothing
- 026 : bells far away. But it’s a bad take. Every one is talking on the boat. We arrive in Vukovar We can see this huge watercastle with a flag on the top of it, symbole of Vukovar’s liberty
- 027-029 : sound of the flag in front on the boat.
- 030 : waves in front.
- 031 : gloup gloup sounds under the stairs to go downstairs. organic sound.
- 032 -39 : Ancre in the middle of danube. Xavier and Diego are talking. It’s a nice moment. the motor is off so it’s quiet. We’re not allowed to stay here. They pull up the ancre. we dock at Vukovar / croatia.

I don’t think that Xavier’s ITV will work. He thinks too much of what he is going to say. I learned that it is even he acual job (learning how to talk to an audience) !.... So I’ve spend 2 hours with him asking questions, I don’t think I’ll keep a single word. But I keep liking his project. I’ll have to listen to his itv later on. I have to work on a live performance.... I need ideas.