A serbian man died on the boat before my arrival. He was drunk and try to jump into the danube passing over the boat. He smashed his head on the metalic border. There is a mark now, the metal fence is torn. Strange thing to know that.

- 033 - 042 : soundscapes not really interesting on the boat going to Novi Sad. I did a attempt to record the sound of the boat passing under a bridge. It doesn’t really work.
- 043-048 : boat docking in Novi Sad. Quite nice moment. nice smooth sounds going softer and softer.
- 049 : City sounds at traffic lights. Lots of different motors. It is weird to be back on earth. It is noisy too.
- 050 : on a pedestrian way, nothing special.
- 051 : Near the church. a few restaurant. Teenagers drinking and happy. I’ve been waiting fot the 10pm bells, but nothing happened
- 052 : In a street , we are all walking together. We buy some beer. A band (accordion and double bass) are starting to play. I stay close to a strange buzz sound on my right.`
- 053 : We’re going away from the noisy streets. a girl passes from left to right with clap-clap shoes. nice.
- 054 : We go back to the main street with lots of bars. Ludger is recording too. We walk throught it. We have a rock’n’roll attempt with Ludger to record a quadrophonic soundscape. snap at the end of the take.
- 055 : I’m on my own now. in a quiter street.
- 056 : A fridge in a street. close miking.

- 058 to 62 : a crickets close miking on the left. people going out from bars. near the park. Some girls passing in front of the microphone laught. A motorbike passes while a pestrian whistles. A car is passing with loud boom boom music inside it. Some very nice shoes sounds.
- 063 : nothing / rien.

- 66 : under the warf we are docked to. Very strange soundscape, with the waves coming inside and a very strange accoustic. Nice ! you can listen to this sound here :

under the dock, waves coming in make a nice sound

Xavier, the captain. sold his house to buy this boat. It is a new life for him. I’ll interview him. I like his way of talking What is his history ? about the slowness of boat travelling ? loneliness ? the sound ? motorised island ? his previous job ?