Here are the stuff I’m wrinting in my notepad during the trip. I write down the sounds i’ve recorded, my thoughts, ideas not to be forgotten....

I write in french in this book, I’ll put in english here, most of the time.

- 001 : Soundscape du 1er soir à Belgrade. Musique boum boum de l’autre côté du Danube.

- 002 : Son du bateau en marche. bof
- 003 : Ecoulement d’eau sur le côté de la péniche. ne garder que la voie gauche.
- 004 : Ecoulement en mono. OK
- 005 : Jeu gauche droite avec le micro. c’est joli à 1min.
- 006 : eau qui défile le long de la coque. joli.
- 007 à 009 : Plan large du bateau en marche.
- 010 : Son seul vibrations moteur GP
- 011 : Son seul vibrations moteur PL
- 012/013 : Big boat qui passe PL avec corne de brume.
- 014 - 032 : lot of little sounds recorded with a contact microphone on the boat. Some of them sounds like cymbals. very nice drone too.

Think of Semuta and Mateleur.

Windows is a real shit.

What am I going to do with those sounds ?I’ve recorded so far only the boat in different setup. I’m waiting to discover a town a some different sound. Some bells ? I’ve started to edit the previous sounds, but I go to fast. I should slow down when I’m on the computer. My habbits are too strong, I just can’t handle them. I’d like to do musical stuff.

I need to take time, to listen carefully to my sounds.Take time. Take time. Take time. Take Time. I could write it down a hundred time as in primary school.

I have to wait for the sounds to tell me how to edit them. how to play with them.